Janel Lucia

Web Developer

Hey There! I’m a Front End Web Developer in Toronto. I really love making beautiful and aesthetically pleasing websites. I like working with modern Javascript Frameworks such as ES6, React and Angular. Along with user friendly CMS systems like WordPress 😉 and Shopify.
I also have my Web Accessibilty Certificate — so feel free to AMA


Giphy Search Portfolio Image

Giffiti Search

I created this React app along with Webpack, Redux and Firebase. I called on the Giphy API to allow the user to search for their favourite gifs. User can also sign in and save favourites and view them at their original source

Justin Rousseau portfolio item

Justin Rousseau Hair

Justin is a Toronto based hair and session stylist. This is a Custom WordPress theme to display his work and allow users to contact him. Created with love using WordPress, PHP, SCSS, and jQuery.

Awkward Quiz Portfolio Item

Awkward Quiz

I made a quiz to test out your awkwardness level. Built using Javascript and jQuery this quiz is meant to be fun and a way for us to make fun of the awkward tendencies we all have.

Kaila Baker Portfolio Item

Kaila Baker

A custom WordPress theme created for Kaila Baker a Toronto based hairstylist and make-up artist. I wanted her site to be young and approachable much like Kaila is, she is super talented and cool and worth checking out.

On the Blog

Web Accessibility Certified Blog Post Title Image

How to Become Web Accessibility Certified

  Why is Accessibilty Important? I know people often cringe when they hear about Web Accessibility. They’ve heard the myths that claim web accessibility is hard or that it costs too much, but it’s really not so bad! Hear me out and I will also add a bunch of handy links so you can learn more. Implementing accessibility standards is …

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Make your Gravity Forms Accessible

Top tips on making Gravity Forms Accessible Gravity Forms is a very user friendly WordPress plugin with a lot of handy add ons that make it easy for a developer to offer people a multitude of functionality. It tracks all forms sent and any user can easily navigate the dashboard. However it’s not accessible in any way, and it appears they have …

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Adding CSS Animations to your site with Keyframes

CSS animation 101 I’m going to show a few CSS animations you can create using Keyframes. CSS animations allow animation of most HTML elements without using JavaScript or Flash. (even though Javascript is awesome!) This topic is so exciting with seemingly endless possibilities. And it’s surprising how uncomplicated it is. If you have any of your own tricks please comment below. Using …

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