Janel Lucia

Web Developer

React App

Giffiti Search

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I created this React app along with Webpack, Redux and Firebase. I called on the Giphy API to allow the user to search for their favourite gifs. User can also sign in and save favourites and view them at their original source

Custom Wordpress Theme

Justin Rousseau portfolio item image

Justin Rousseau Hair

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Justin is a Toronto based hair and session stylist. This is a Custom WordPress theme to display his work and allow users to contact him. Created with love using WordPress, PHP, SCSS, and jQuery.

Javascript Quiz

Awkward Quiz

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I made a quiz to test out your awkwardness level. Built using Javascript and jQuery this quiz is meant to be fun and a way for us to make fun of the awkward tendencies we all have.

Custom Wordpress Theme

Kaila Baker

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A custom WordPress theme created for Kaila Baker a Toronto based hairstylist and make-up artist. I wanted her site to be young and approachable much like Kaila is, she is super talented and cool and worth checking out.

Custom Wordpress Theme

Glendale tennis club portfolio item image

Glendale Tennis Club

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Custom made WordPress theme for Glendale Tennis Club. This theme allows Glendale to update information, add new events to their calendar and allow users to sign up for club membership and checkout with Paypal

Weather API Project

Sweater weather portfolio item image

Sweater Weather

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This fun app is made using the Wunderground API, I used factors such as conditions, wind and temp to let you know how many layers to wear and stay comfortable.

Fully Responsive Site

the next step forward portfolio item image

The Next Step Forward

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This custom made website is made for the lovely ladies at The Next Step Forward and this site allows potential clients to gain valuable information and sign up for services.

Geolocation API Project

floristry portfolio item image

Floristry App

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Floristry is an app that helps the user track the closest florist near them. Geolocation for map services and Google Places to get the business info.

PSD to Responsive Site

Venerous portfolio item image


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This fully responsive site is inspired from multiple templates, I created a theme that would be useful to a designer, photographer or hairstylist.

Javascript Project

wes anderson ipsum portfolio item image

Wes Anderson Ipsum

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In this Javascript project I built the Wes Anderson Ipsum generator you know you always wanted.  Researching quotes was hilarious.