Hi, I'm a UX/UI Designer in Toronto crafting meaningful and strategic design with a clear voice and vision. I specialize in human centered design, brand identity & graphic design.

The Good Ones

— UX/UI, Branding, Research, App Design

Daniela Bosco

— Web Design, Squarespace Build

Pace yourself yoga by Daisy

— Branding, Web Design

Livie Jewelry

— Branding, Web Design

Girls 20

— Branding, Web Design, Squarespace Build

Iva with an eye

— Branding, Graphic Design

Lettering Archive

— Lettering, Instagram

Easy Rider

— UX/UI, Branding, Research, App Design

My work is rooted in research, collaboration and feedback. I stay curious, use history as my superpower, and I obsess over small details. Here's a quick example of my process:

Define the challenges —

Before starting any project I like to gain an empathetic understanding of the goals, values, and intentions for the project by working with stakeholders to understand their experiences, pains and needs.

Research & Validate —

Next I jump right into quantitative and qualitative research by conducting user interviews, surveys, industry research, and competitive analysis and use that information to build user personas and journeys.

Sketch, Vote & Storyboard —

Using the data gathered I design multiple solutions, facilitate a structured critique with stakeholders and use dot voting to select the best solution. From there I take the winning idea and turn it into a user storyboard.

Prototype & Test —

From there I create an active prototype, giving the team an opportunity to showcase product features and animations for user testing. This allows us to observe user behaviour for better functionality and usability.

Evaluate & Iterate —

Once the test phase has been completed and insights collected, necessary iterations can be implemented (and re-tested) and the next phase of the design life cycle can begin.