Hi, I'm a UX/UI Designer in Toronto crafting meaningful and strategic design with a clear voice and vision. I specialize in human-centred design, brand identity & graphic design.

The Good Ones

— UX/UI, Branding, Research, App Design

Daniela Bosco

— Web Design, Squarespace Build

Atria Coaching

— Branding, Graphic Design

Bad Girls Collective

— Shopify Website Build

Livie Jewelry

— Branding, Shopify Site Design

Iva with an eye

— Branding, Graphic Design

Lettering Archive

— Lettering, Instagram

Girls 20

— Branding, Web Design, Squarespace Build

My work is rooted in research, collaboration and feedback. I stay curious, use inclusivity as my super power, and obsess over small details. Here's an example of my typical work flow:


First phase for me is defining the project, I want to get a deep understanding of the goals, values, and intentions of the stakeholders. We want a clear definition of what we know, what we don't know, and what we need to know.


Second step is research — user interviews, surveys, industry research, and competitive analysis. We want to learn about who the users are, what their pains are, how the industry functions, and what makes this product unique.

Sketch & Storyboard—

During the third phase we sketch out competing solutions, facilitate a group critique session and vote for the best solution. We expand on the winning idea with fairly detailed wireframes while deciding on key factors together.


When we create the prototype, we want to showcase main product features for testing, start with the team, iron out any kinks then take it to the users, observe their behaviour, notice their ease (or lack thereof) when navigating the product.

Evaluate & Iterate—

Once the test phase is complete and insights collected, necessary iterations can be implemented (and re-tested) and the next phase of the design life cycle begins.