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I am a Product Designer in Toronto. I aim to create design that makes a difference—to propel brands with soul and substance who are passionate about what they do. My work is rooted in research, iteration, and collaboration. I use history as my superpower and obsess over small details. Bonus: I know how to code!

On the weekends, I struggle to keep my plants alive and frequent coffee shops.

UX | UI | user research | design | invision

The Good Ones

The good ones academy started as a group of artists collaborating to bring hair workshops to beauty industry professionals looking to level up their skills. These hair workshops consisted of hair cutting, styling, balayage (colour) and the most popular - the editorial workshop. The workshops were a hit and the good ones academy quickly became industry leaders teaching high end, quality workshops to some of Toronto’s top talent within the beauty industry. Looking to create an online platform I set out to solve this design problem using the 5 Planes of UX Methodology.

case study

UX | UI | user research | HTML | SCSS | JS

Next Step Forward

For this client project I was immediately aware of the empathy and compassion that The Next Step Forward had for their clients and I wanted that to be the main message. Having helped loved ones downsize their homes and knew what a difficult task this can become, especially when sorting through all of the sentimental objects of ones life. The stakeholders I was working with knew of the amazing service they wanted to offer and weren’t sure how to portray themselves online. My role was to use user research in order to create a safe place where one can make difficult decisions with a team who cares.

case study

UX | UI | user research | design | invision

Easy Rider

I was tasked to come up with an app that would help public transit and the people using the service interact in a more positive way. My vision for Easy Rider was to address the need for interactive traveling on public transit. If you’re driving a vehicle you have access to apps such as Waze that allow users to interact with one another and report delays or incidents that other drivers would find helpful. Easy Rider is meant to empower users to get the most up to date information about traffic from a reliable source. This will help users plan ahead and act in an informed way when riding transit to avoid any sudden delays.

case study

UX | UI | user research | design | presentation

Kindred Academy

In Hacker You’s advanced UX course we were asked to define a wicked problem and deliver a presentation using research, divergence and convergence. I chose to focus my project on the impact of healthy emotional development for kids. I chose this topic because as my family grows this is a major topic of discussion at home. Our youth today face so many obstacles when it comes to self-love and acceptance than ever before, so how might we promote a healthy sense of belonging for kids today. Take a look at my case study where I roll up my research sleeves to find potential solutions for this topic.

case study

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