Atria Coaching

Atria Coaching is committed to helping people discover their extraordinary so that they gain confidence, become clear on their goals, and empowered to pursue a life of great purpose and meaning.

Creating a brand identity for an Master Coach & NLP Practitioner

Atria Coaching helps their clients listen to their inner guidance, have better direction, act from inspiration, and make an impact. As a result, their clients gain control of their lives - who they are, who they spend time with, how they spend it, and where.


I was the lead designer/researcher on this project. I worked with stakeholders to create Atria Coaching's style guide & brand identity.

The Challenge

The challenge was to take a new brand (Atria Coaching) and create a well-defined brand strategy as well as marketing materials to grow with the brand over the next few years.

The Solution

The solution was to deliver a well-strategized brand for real results. Success in this project will be measured by growth in clients and sales.

Developing a Strategy

When developing the strategy we surfaced the challenges the Atria Coaching faces as an up and coming Master Coach & NLP Practitioner. In the process, we prioritized the needs and goals of the business and its clients. This became the foundation for the branding and marketing plans for Atria Coaching.

So, how might we create a meaningful brand identity to uplift and engage users?

Understanding the Users

Atria Coaching is all about helping people access the best version of themselves, gain confidence and become clear on their goals. To understand the needs of Atria's clients I worked with stakeholders to create unique user profiles to represent the range of our users. This painted a clear picture of their demographics, needs and wants.

Defining the Brand

Through a series of exercises in the strategy session, we were able to extract and refine the key pillars of the brand. This defined the brand’s personality: how it should look, sound, act, and feel.


Understanding what Atria's brand is and who they are a champion for, helped define the positioning statement of the brand. This set the tone for everything created for the brand.

Brand Identity System

Atria's brand is made up of 4 core elements.

02 Colour

When defining colours it was important to the brand that colours are inclusive and empowering to the user and that they also have a polished and professional vibe to them, to stay true to brands values.

I always start by creating a mood board with stakeholders and other designers to stay true to the core values, vision and inspiration of the brand.

Colour Defined

In the final colour palette, we defined 11 colours and shades to give the brand the flexibility it needs to grow over the next few years.

03 Typography

For font combinations, it was important to the brand to be classic, clean and approachable. We ran through many main fonts including Toledo, Tenez & Graced Script. So much of the inspo sent by Atria included beautiful serifs and I knew that was the direction to go in.

For this particular pairing, we almost went with Commuter Sans instead of Futura and while we all loved that pairing once we saw Futura in the combination we knew this was the font for the brand. We also defined where each font will be used around online and marketing materials.

04 Marketing

Key to the success of this project was creating marketing materials that Atria can use around social media and in print. The marketing materials had to include tiles for the logo, events, imagery, quotes and overall brand awareness.