Pace yourself yoga by Daisy

Daisy is an independent yoga instructor, one of the incredible benefits of her practice is its ability to help us feel more connected to our physical body.

Creating a brand identity for an independent yoga instructor

In modern times where peak performance is expected and work-life balance nonexistent, never slowing down has become the norm. Daisy has used her training to curate a unique flow to help us slow the mind, connect to sensation, and feel calmer and more settled, this is something we could all benefit from every now and then. The goal here is to create a brand to reflect those values.


I was the lead designer/researcher on this project. I worked with stakeholders to create Pace yourself yoga by Daisy's style guide & brand identity.

The Challenge

The challenge was to take a new brand (Pace yourself yoga by Daisy) and create a well defined brand strategy as well as marketing materials to grow with the brand over the next few years.

The Solution

The solution was to deliver a well strategized brand for real results. Success in this project will be measured by growth in customers and sales, and a new market of customers.

Developing a Strategy

Daisy is one of the most beautiful people (inside & out) I've met and having known her for many years and witnissing her take her passion for yoga and become a serious instructor was extremely inspiring. Daisy set off to India to gain her training straight from the roots of where yoga began.

When developing the strategy we surfaced the challenges the Daisy faced as an independant yoga instructor. In the process, we prioritized the needs and goals of the business and its clients. This became the foundation for the branding and marketing plans for Pace yourself yoga by Daisy.

So, how might we create a meaningful brand identity to uplift and engage users?

Understanding the Users

Pace yourself yoga by Daisy is all about helping people relax, let go and bring their focus within. To understand the needs of these clients, we created unique user profiles to represent the range of our users. This painted a clear picture of their demographics, needs and wants.

Defining the Brand

Through a series of exercises in the strategy session, we were able to extract and refine the key pillars of the brand. This defined the brand’s personality: how it should look, sound, act, and feel.


Understanding what Pace yourself yoga by Daisy's brand is and who she is a champion for, helped define the positioning statement of the brand. This set the tone for everything created for the brand.

Brand Identity System

Pace yourself yoga by Daisy's brand is made up of 4 core elements.

02 Colour

Daisy's brand colours are bright and bold, bringing inspiration from both East and Western cultures. This stays true to Daisy's roots and message of staying grounded and connecting to the earth and one's self.

Colour Defined

When defining Daisy's brand colours it was important to her that while colours are happy and uplifting they also come from the earth's own wild colour palette, to stay true to the brands guidlines of spiritual and healing. The earth has such a large range of bright colours to choose from.

03 Typography

When exploring fonts for Daisy we knew that we wanted an interesting font pairing that remains minimal for general copy and marketing purposes. Our first defined font is Bluu Next Bold, which is sharp and precise, a totally good choice to replace any boring serif font we've all seen before.

Syne was imagined with Bonjour Monde and designed for the art center Synesthésie, based in Saint-Denis in the very close suburb of Paris, France. Closely based on the art center’s team’s will to gather diverse artistic personalities to create fresh and enriching situations, the type family is an exploration into atypical associations in weights and styles.

04 Imagery

When establishing a imagery style for Daisy we wanted to have an easily recognizabile pattern that users would be to identify with. Daisy spends most of her time outside in nature and even conducts yoga classes in the park and by the water. We have some amazing shots of her by the water doing all those amazing yoga poses most of us only wish we could pull off.

Daisy is an incredibly beautiful human and has some equally beautiful things to say, I will show you some marketing material later but when she is sharing her journey we thought it best to show herself along with it, and since Daisy is so inspired by the outdoors and has many great opportunities to travel having beautiful landscapes part of the brand allows Daisy to stay authentic to her audience.


As an independant yoga instructor Daisy is continuously offering yoga classes and events to her audience, we wanted to define some beautiful templates that Daisy can post on social media to entice her current yogi's and attract new yogi's.


With the social media look and feel mostly defined in imagery a huge part of the brand is offering inspirational quotes to their users. This is meant to uplift her fellow yogi's and connect with them on a spiritual level.